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We will come to your home or office and consult with you regarding scale, palette, lighting, framing, conservation and more. We will photograph, measure, and document your spaces, then assist you in choosing works that reflect your personal aesthetic. Whether you’ve discovered a few favourites at our gallery, or simply need help getting started, our consultation services are always complementary.

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Collectors Discount Program

We provide a discount if a client is looking to place multiple pieces in their facility.

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Our Vast experience in the business has enabled us to get simply the best shipping and logistics pricing. We build our own crates, and insure it door to door.

Virtual Installations

We provide a discount if a client is looking to place multiple pieces in their facility.

Sample Collections

Explore a preview of our extensive art offerings:

Wall Sculptures

Atticus Adams

Atticus's art has been exhibited in national institutions like The Carnegie Museum of Art, The Mattress Factory, and The Westmoreland Museum of American Art. His awards include receiving Artist of the Year from the Pittsburgh Center For the Arts in 2018. And his sculptures are now found in public and private collections in the USA, Great Britain, Spain, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, China, and The Philippines.

Sujoon - Luna Marietta 69x59x4, coated aluminum mesh, gesso, acrylic, wire
Combahee Blues 40x32x4, aluminum mesh, gesso, acrylic, wire

Kristina Grace

Kristina Grace's unique sculptural works are a result of innumerable days spent at a local surf glassing shop, where she honed her interpretation and technique of applying epoxy and polyester resins. While these types of resins are typically used for creating surfboards, Grace has incorporated applications of tinted resins along side small figurines in her art. Surfers, skiers, flowers, butterflies, skulls and horseshoes appear throughout her current body of work.

Soar 41x41x2, custom birch panel. branches, butterflies. 23kt gold leaf, bioresin, acrylics
Winter Is Coming 60x21x2, custom birch panel. figurines. bioresin, acrylics

Stallman Studio

Hallman and Stum, showing both Nationally and Internationally are a Pacific Northwest based artist duo, that merge talent and vision to create multifaceted sculpture. They find inspiration from patterns and gradients in the natural world. The duo also combined their names Stum and Hallman to create Stallman. While creating, one acts as the right side of the brain and the other the left. This union dissolves the boundaries of what is possible turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

Somatic Paradise 48x48x3, sculpted canvas and acrylic
Magic Love 60x60x3, sculpted canvas and acrylic

Anna Kruhelska

Kruhelska focuses on abstract, three-dimensional paper wall reliefs that work by reflecting light – with the overall effect depending on the viewer’s perspective. The central concept of her work is the interplay between light and shade, contrast, colour and the repetitive patterns created by the folds and hollows in the work.

Constant Change 118 51x51, mixed media wall relief
Constant Change 118 51x51, mixed media wall relief

Contemporary Flora

Sage Barnes

By weaving together elements from realistic, abstract, and street art domains, Sage has carved out a signature aesthetic that embodies his conceptual visions. At the heart of his creations lies the powerful interplay of contrast and representational art, compellingly evoking the sentiments and lived experiences of those who engage with his work. A testament to his global appeal, Sage's masterpieces adorn walls across continents and have graced numerous exhibitions worldwide.

Bloom #28 48x72, mixed media and layered resin on canvas wrapped panel
Bloom #30 60x60, mixed media and layered resin on canvas wrapped panel

Jonah Waterous

Jonah meticulously hand paints thousands of three-dimensional dots onto the canvas that creates lifelike texture and the illusion of movement as light bounces from seemingly endless dots of colour. Jonah's works are inspired by his childhood. Growing up in the pristine environment of the Bahamas, Jonah became an accomplished free-diver and scuba diver, allowing him to become closer to nature. Jonah’s breakout series, the “Swarm” collection highlights the unseen detail in the natural world and the power of dotilism.

Camellia 48x48, acrylic on canvas
Rose 36x36, acrylic on canvas

Bill Claps

Bill Claps is a visual artist, photographer and filmmaker based in New York City. He works in various mediums, including photography, painting, video, poetry, and performance, and his art has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. Bill is a master of mixed media with foil on canvas.

Aspen Canopy 37.5x55, mixed media with foil on canvas
Aspens at Redfish Lake 48x33, mixed media with foil on canvas

Sarah Winkler

Winkler is represented in US and Canadian galleries and has participated in exhibitions such as Bakersfield Museum of Art and Art Aspen. She is involved in the US Department of State's Art in Embassies program and has been recognized as a top rising female painter by ARTSY. Winkler's work has been featured in various publications and in the documentary 'Moment' by Making Art Films.

Morning Pinks 48x60x2.25, acrylic on panel
Ultra Violet Floral 60x60x2.25, acrylic on panel


Nick Veasey

Nick Veasey is an artist who delves into the profound layers beneath the surface of our image-obsessed society. Through his unique use of X-ray technology, Veasey peels back the external facades of objects, from the human body to everyday items, revealing their inner beauty and complexity. His work serves as a counterpoint to the superficiality that pervades modern culture, where appearances often overshadow essence.

Bearded Iris 47x47, c-type print, archival inks. mounted on to dibond with perspex/plexi face.
Rat Pack III (/15) 50x40, c-type print, archival inks. mounted on to dibond with perspex/plexi face.
Rat Pack II (6/12) 50x40, chromolux in float frame

Jay Kelly

Kelly uses a range of collage material for their varied tones and content. For printed material, he uses vintage magazines, novels (both classics and the more obscure) and art history books. He chooses to paint with paper and various printed materials in order to achieve a unique depth to his work.

Living Color (/1) 48x48, c-print/aluminum/plexiglass
Vitality (3/20) 48x48, c-print/aluminum/plexiglass

Russell Young

His earliest breakthrough was his photography of George Michael for the sleeve of the album Faith in 1987. Young photographed many music stars throughout the 1970s and 1980s, including Morrissey, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, REM, The Smiths, Bauhaus, Diana Ross, Paul Newman, Björk, and many others. He went on to shoot over 100 music videos for leading artists during MTV’s height in the 1990s, which brought him to the United States.

Marilyn Chanel Cosmic Sky Blue 65x51, acrylic, oil based ink and diamond dust hand pulled screen print on linen
Ali (California) Smoketown Fushia 39x30, hand painted acrylic background, hand pulled enamel and diamond dust on linen

Aaron Hazel

Combining his profound understanding of wildlife and their natural environments with his technical prowess, Hazel creates visually stunning pieces that showcase the beauty of the animal kingdom. His attention to detail and mastery of various mediums have garnered him widespread acclaim, both in publications and national galleries.

Ascend 60x48, oil on canvas
Hemingway 48x48, oil on canvas

George Hill

Hill's oil paintings demonstrate academic proficiency though they are far from traditional. He approaches each work through an abstract lens emphasizing shape and space foremost, followed by modeling and rendering. Each portrayal appears to live and breathe on the canvas, gazing into the viewer’s eyes, seeking connection. With these brushstrokes, Hill addresses the ever-growing interface of modernity and wilderness areas.

Undaunted 48x36, oil on canvas
Antilocapra 40x30, oil on canvas

Virtual Installations

Envision art in your space with our complimentary virtual installation service.

Sage Barnes, Bloom #30, 60x60
Aaron Hazel, Ascend, 60x48
Bill Claps, The Boulders, 33.38x71.75

Are your visitors searching for the perfect work of art? Perhaps they’ve found several, but you’re not sure how they will integrate with the other elements in your environment? Allow us to create a Virtual Preview of the art for you.


Utilizing digital photographs of your interior, we’ll superimpose to scale your preferred works of art from our gallery or website - this is a complimentary service we offer at The Whistler Contemporary Gallery.

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